Cancer Support

This Cancer Support IV drip, High-dose Vitamin C (requires free consultation and basic labs) includes a “mop-up dose” of moderate dose Vitamin C after the high-dose C, to aid with fatigue, nausea, joint pain and muscle pain. It’s recommended weekly/biweekly/monthly depending on chemotherapy regimen.

Comprised of Vitamin C. Available in 50 Grams, 75 Grams, or 100 Grams.

1 hour, 1 liter, “50 Grams = $250; 75 Grams = $275; 100 Grams = $300

*For Mobile IV Therapy, a Concierge fee of $60 will be charged at time of booking. IV Service charged at time of service.
There is no fee for in Clinic IV Therapy*

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