Mobile IV Infusion Therapy and Urgent Care Telemedicine

Serving in Forsyth, Guilford, Davidson, Davie, Stokes and Surry County. Telemedicine available  throughout all of North Carolina.

Aiding Your Acute Illness Recovery and Helping You Avoid the Hospital

Sophelina Health is a Mobile IV Infusion Therapy and Urgent Care Telemedicine company with real world expertise in acute care. Our mission is to optimize your health and keep you out of the hospital. Prevention is the #1 way to do that.


Primary Care & Cardiology

You deserve to have your doctor give you the time and attention you need! Contact Dr. Kay today!

Mobile IV Infusion Therapy

Traditional medicine treats the symptoms instead of the person. What would happen if the symptoms never presented themselves in the first place?

Ensure the body gets the hydration and vitamins that it needs to fight off sickness and disease, enhance athletic performance, reduce anxiety, weaken migraines, fight against aging, and sustain energy, through IV Nutritional Therapy.

We provide in-home, Mobile IV Nutritional Therapies and IV Hydration. Our Registered Nurses will meet you right where life happens, in your home, office, or at an event. We come to you because we understand that convenience is important to you, whether you need a Myers Cocktail, Hydration, or other IV Therapy.

Urgent Care Telemedicine in North Carolina

In addition to our local, Mobile IV Infusion Therapy services, we provide Urgent Care Telemedicine services to patients 13 years and older, anywhere in North Carolina. Our virtual telehealth consultations aim to get you back on your feet sooner!

Putting health back in healthcare starts with making your recovery possible by coming to you via telemedicine services. Restoration is possible when our professional care team coordinates with your primary care doctor in providing the best plan of action.

Take control of your well-being from the comfort of your own home, on your own time, and with the level of care that YOU deserve! 

Direct Primary Care and Cardiology

Primary care and cardiology are essential for your overall health and well-being. They help you prevent, diagnose, and treat various conditions that affect your heart and other essentials organs. 

We offer direct primary care and direct cardiology services which allow you to connect with our experienced and qualified providers without any middlemen! You can get a thorough assessment, a personalized treatment plan, and prescriptions with the utmost care. You can also access your medical records, test results, and follow-up instructions online. Our direct services are accessible and affordable.

Don’t let your health suffer because of distance or time constraints. Contact us today and schedule your appointment for primary care and/or cardiology. We are here to help you live a healthier and happier life!

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