Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IV Therapy Work?

Yes, here’s why! One great benefit is there won’t be a need to digest anything. Your body absorbs the vitamins or hydration immediately to experience results sooner.

B vitamins and amino acids produce natural energy because they are the foundation of protein in your body. This negates the need for coffee or energy drinks and delivers consistent stamina throughout the day.

Specific IV nutritional cocktails lead to healthy skin, which helps you defend against infection and disease.  Damaged cells and wounds can also heal quicker with the right IV infusion of vitamins.

Certain antioxidants are shown to decrease the signs of aging as well.

Is IV Infusion Safe?

Our mobile IV infusion team consists of extremely experienced nurses. Having given countless IV’s during their time on the frontline they understand proper pacing, hydration, and monitoring. 

Sterile equipment is used to ensure infection has no place to reside during the entire process.  You can rest easy knowing cleanliness standards are comparable to any hospital or clinic.

The IV therapy formulas we use are managed by our resident nurse practitioner to guarantee every dose is correct.  Any supplier that we choose to work with has been vetted according to the highest standards of medicine.

Trust a secure and potent way to refresh your internal levels through the convenience of mobile in-home IV infusion!

Does IV Infusion Therapy Work for Migraines?

Made up of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and B vitamins, our Myer’s Cocktail has proven effective against migraines.

No longer do you have to be debilitated when these intense headaches hit. Instead, get your time back by restoring your health holistically, and add a boost in your overall health!

How Does the IV Infusion Therapy Process Work?

One of our registered nurses will assess your medical history, allergies, and current health status. The nurse will then place an intravenous (IV) catheter into a vein in your arm and hook it up to a bag filled with the fluids and vitamins. The time that it takes to infuse depends on the type of infusion you are receiving, however, most take an hour to complete. Once the infusion is done, the nurse will remove the IV.

How Much Does IV Infusion Therapy Cost?

Financial constraints shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a more positive health outlook. Our goal is to offer affordable concierge care when it comes to fees.

This includes those around the IV therapy cocktails themselves plus the administration of said vitamins and hydration. You’ll find our pricing to be fair and reasonable when held up next to other options in North Carolina.

Are the IV Infusions Covered by Insurance?

Our services are based on a cash pay model and insurance is not accepted.

But expect fair pricing that aims to make these products accessible to patients from all walks of life. Our goal is always to deliver the highest-quality products, with the best customer service, and the medical expertise to justify our service.

Through a small investment, you can expect your health to see a real boost. In turn, you’ll be able to celebrate more of what makes this life so amazing!

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