Mobile and In Clinic IV Therapy

Mobile IV Therapy Available in Forsyth County, Guilford County, Davidson County, Davie County, Stokes County, and Surry County

IV Therapy Services

Whether you need a quick energy boost, a detox, or a recovery from a hangover, we have the perfect IV therapy for you. And now, you can choose to get it either at your home, office, hotel, or at one of our in-clinic locations. Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you have a pleasant and satisfying experience.

*For Mobile IV Therapy, a Concierge fee of $60 will be charged at time of booking. IV Service charged at time of service.
There is no fee for in Clinic IV Therapy*

The Oasis


Basic IV fluids and electrolytes to combat dehydration and illness!

Myers Cocktail


The “Gold Standard” for overall wellness: rehydrate your body, alleviate allergies, aid in chronic diseases, boost your mood, energy, and immune system.

Myers Cocktail+


“The “Gold Standard” for overall wellness PLUS double the Vitamin C and an energy boost: rehydrate your body, alleviate allergies, aid in chronic diseases, boost your mood, energy, and immune system.

Mini Myers


Need the Myers but don’t have the time? Get the “Gold Standard” for half the size, half the time, half the price!

Not Today Satan


Got the sniffles? Get an immune boost to knock out cold, flu, and allergy symptoms. Feel better faster!

Mary’s Powder Room


Treat the lady in your life to a new kind of spa day. Fight acne, wrinkles, and tired skin from the inside out!

Not Leg Day


Leg day got you down? Don’t struggle to get out of bed, speed up your recovery time, and enhance your performance with our IV fluids full of vitamins and minerals that pack a punch.

Crown of Thorns


Have a Migraine or Hangover? Crown of Thorns has you covered with a specific blend to pick you back up.

Liquid Lemons


With 10,000mg of Vitamin C, this IV drip helps with acute symptoms of viral illness, post-illness recovery, and keeping detox pathways open.  Definitely a “feel-good drip”.

The Belly Boost


Do you suffer from digestive issues, bloating, or low energy? Do you want to boost your metabolism, detoxify your liver, and nourish your gut? Then you need The Belly Boost, the ultimate IV therapy for your gastrointestinal health. The Belly Boost contains a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that will help you feel lighter, brighter, and happier.

NAD+ IV One-Time Treatment

$500 *Includes additional Nutritional IV

The NAD+ IV One-Time Treatment may be an option if you currently receive regular NAD+ IV Therapy treatments, and it requires a consultation prior to scheduling.

NAD+ IV 5-Day Treatment

*Includes 8 IV Infusions

The NAD+ IV 5-Day Treatment requires a consultation prior to scheduling.

Cancer Support

50 Grams = $250; 75 Grams = $275; 100 Grams = $300

This high dose Vitamin C, IV Therapy drip includes a “mop-up dose” of moderate dose Vitamin C after the high-dose Vitamin C, to aid with fatigue, nausea, joint pain and muscle pain (requires free consultation and basic labs).

Diabetes IV Therapy

Coming Soon

Recommended monthly

PCOS IV Therapy

Coming Soon

Recommended monthly

Asthma/COPD IV Therapy

Coming Soon

Recommended monthly, unless having frequent attacks/exacerbations.

Chronic Migraines IV Therapy

Coming Soon

Want to add an extra boost to any of the Mobile IV Therapies above?

*Extra IV Push available when booking Mobile IV Service*

Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)

(5 minutes, $25)

Glutathione (Antioxidant )

(5 minutes, $40)

Pain Med

(5 minutes, $10)

Headache Relief Med

(5 minutes, $10)

Anti-Nausea Med

(5 minutes, $20)

What are the Benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy?

  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Weakens migraines
  • Helps fight against aging
  • Sustains energy

Why IV Infusions?

You’ll instantly notice a difference!

  • Quick and easy delivery
  • Better absorption
  • Ensures the body gets the hydration and vitamins that it needs to fight off sickness and disease


When a disciplined diet and conscious water intake just doesn’t feel like enough, that’s when we step in with our Mobile IV Therapy unit. You deserve to get back to a solid baseline, so you can enjoy more of life’s special moments.

Intravenous (IV) Therapy is the most efficient and effective way to deliver fluids and vitamins to your body. When you take vitamins by mouth, your body is only able to absorb around 0-20% of the nutrients. With IV therapy, your body can absorb 100%.

Many Americans are unable to get all the required daily nutrients for their bodies through diet alone. Studies show that over 50% of Americans may suffer from malnutrition.

With IV nutritional therapy we can bypass the stomach, allowing higher doses of vitamins, minerals, and fluids to be absorbed while avoiding an upset stomach. Many Americans are developing chronic conditions from high processed food which harms the gut and leads to feeling sick and fatigued.

Now with IV nutritional therapy, we can avoid upset stomach, increase absorption, and give your body the nutrients that it needs to stay happy and healthy.

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