Mobile IV therapy

Wellness Wherever You Are

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Mobile IV Therapy brought right to your doorstep. Our mobile IV therapy unit ensures you receive top-quality care wherever you are, whether at home, office, or hotel.

Why Choose Mobile IV Infusions?

Life doesn’t always happen within the confines of a clinic. That’s why our Mobile IV Infusions bring wellness to you, wherever you may be. Whether you’re recovering from a busy workday, a late night out, or simply in need of a boost, our mobile unit delivers the same quality care as our in-clinic services, right to your doorstep. With flexible scheduling and personalized treatments tailored to your needs, our mobile IV infusions make it easier than ever to prioritize your health and well-being, no matter your location. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional appointments and hello to wellness on your terms with our mobile IV infusions.

Benefits of Mobile IV Therapy:

  • Convenient in-office or at-home service
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle
  • Tailored treatments for personalized wellness


Our IV Infusions

Whether you’re seeking a quick energy boost, a detoxifying experience, or recovery from a night out, our range of IV therapies has you covered. Now available for your convenience at home, office, hotel, or our in-clinic location, our friendly and experienced staff ensure a pleasant and satisfying experience every time.

Please note: For Mobile IV Therapy, a Concierge fee of $60 will be charged at the time of service. There is no Concierge fee for in-clinic IV Therapy.

Hydration Therapy

$50/liter - 1 Hour

Replenish your body with essential fluids and electrolytes in just one hour with The Oasis IV hydration therapy. Designed to address dehydration caused by illness or exertion, this therapy boosts hydration levels to support optimal function and well-being.

The Gold Standard

$160/liter - 1 Hour

Known as the "Gold Standard" for overall wellness, The Myers Cocktail enhances your health and boosts immune function, while increasing energy levels and sports performance. It also aids in the treatment of various medical conditions including fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, GI disorders, asthma, seasonal allergies, cardiovascular disease, and hyperthyroidism.

Elevated Gold Standard

$195/liter - 1 Hour

Elevating the "Gold Standard" for overall wellness, The Myers Cocktail Plus offers double the Vitamin C and an energy boost, amplifying its benefits for enhanced health and vitality. This infusion not only boosts overall health and immune function but also provides a significant increase in energy levels, making it an ideal choice for those seeking optimal wellness and performance.

Speedy Gold Standard

$100/500mL - 30 Minutes

Short on time but still need the benefits of The Myers Cocktail? Introducing the Mini Myers - the "Gold Standard" infusion in half the size, half the time, and half the price. Experience enhanced health, improved sports performance, increased energy, and boosted immune function in a convenient and affordable package.

Immune Defense

$150/liter - 1 Hour

Don't let illness win the battle - with Not Today Satan, you can boost your immune system to combat cold, flu, and allergy symptoms and feel better faster. This infusion is designed to fight off infections, recover from travel fatigue or recent illness, and decrease susceptibility to viruses, minimizing the severity and duration of viral illnesses.

Skin Renewal

$180/liter - 1 Hour

Indulge in a luxurious experience with Mary's Powder Room infusion, targeting acne, wrinkles, and tired skin from within. Packed with essential vitamins including Vitamin C and Biotin, this infusion promotes collagen production for a youthful glow while supporting overall skin health and healing. Treat yourself or a loved one to the ultimate spa indulgence, revealing radiant, revitalized skin and renewed confidence.

Recovery Boost

$200/liter - 1 Hour

Don't let leg day slow you down - power up your recovery and enhance performance with our IV fluids packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Say goodbye to muscle cramps, fatigue, and moodiness as you replenish your body's stores and tackle the day with renewed vigor.

Migraine & Hangover Relief

$150/liter - 1 Hour

Whether you're battling a migraine or recovering from a night out, Crown of Thorns infusion is here to pick you back up. Our specialized blend, including B-complex, Magnesium, pain medication, anti-nausea medication, and headache relief meds, offers targeted relief to help you feel like yourself again. Add an extra liter of plain fluid for $25 to prevent nausea and ensure maximum comfort during your recovery.

Feel-Good Vitamin C Boost

$150/liter - 1 Hour

Combat acute symptoms of viral illness, support post-illness recovery, and keep detox pathways open with Liquid Lemons infusion. Packed with a whopping 10,000mg of Vitamin C, this IV drip is designed to uplift and invigorate, ensuring you feel refreshed and rejuvenated from the inside out. Say hello to a brighter, healthier you with Liquid Lemons.

Gastrointestinal Wellness

$200/liter - 1 Hour

Say goodbye to digestive issues, bloating, and low energy with The Belly Boost - the ultimate IV therapy for gastrointestinal health. Featuring a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, this infusion will leave you feeling lighter, brighter, and happier in just one hour. Pamper your belly and enhance your overall wellness.

NAD+ One-Time

$500 - 2-3 Hours

Experience the rejuvenating power of NAD+ with our one-time treatment option. This infusion includes 500mg of NAD+ and a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids delivered over 2-3 hours. Ideal for those already familiar with NAD+ therapy, this treatment offers an additional nutritional IV to enhance your overall wellness. Schedule a consultation today to discover the benefits of NAD One-Time Infusion.

NAD+ 5 Day


Embark on a transformative journey with our NAD+ IV 5-Day Treatment, comprising eight IV infusions over five days. This comprehensive treatment offers the rejuvenating benefits of NAD+ therapy, tailored to your wellness needs. Schedule a consultation to begin your path to enhanced vitality and well-being.

Weight Management

$180/liter - 1 Hour

Elevate your weight management journey with our specialized Weight Management drip. Designed to enhance lipid metabolism and liver detoxification, this drip is perfect for integrating into a bi-weekly regimen to support your weight management goals effectively. Kickstart your path to a healthier, happier you with our Weight Management Drip.

Kidney Stone Support

$180/liter - 1 Hour

Experience relief from kidney stone discomfort with our Kidney Stone Support drip. Formulated to assist in the movement of stones and prevent new formations, this infusion provides targeted relief and supports kidney health. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to improved kidney function with our Kidney Stone Support Drip.

Hypertension Support

$160/liter - 1 Hour

Take control of your blood pressure with our Hypertension Support drip. By vasodilating blood vessels and repairing endothelial damage, this infusion promotes healthier circulation and vascular health, helping you manage hypertension more effectively. Prioritize your cardiovascular well-being with our Hypertension Support Drip.

Migraine Prevention and Respiratory Support

$180/liter - 1 Hour

Specifically designed for chronic migraine relief and addressing respiratory issues in asthma and COPD patients, this drip offers comprehensive support. By preventing headaches and dilating airways, it provides comfort and improved breathing, helping you manage your conditions more effectively. Experience relief and enhanced respiratory function with our Migraine Prevention and Respiratory Support Drip.

Seasonal Allergy Support

$150/liter - 1 Hour

Combat seasonal allergies with our specialized Seasonal Allergy Support drip. Loaded with antioxidants, this infusion acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, providing soothing relief and promoting respiratory health during allergy season. Say goodbye to allergy woes and breathe easy with our Seasonal Allergy Support Drip.

Cancer Support

Diabetes Support

PCOS Support

IV Add-Ons

Looking to take your IV therapy to the next level? Our IV add-ons offer an extra boost to any of the Mobile IV Therapies listed above. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, vitamins, or anti-nausea support, we have the perfect add-ons to customize your infusion experience.

Please note: For Mobile IV Therapy, a Concierge fee of $60 will be charged at the time of service. There is no Concierge fee for in-clinic IV Therapy.


Vitamin B-12

$25 - 5 minutes



$40 - 5 minutes



Pain Medication


Headache Relief Medication


Anti-Nausea Medication

Innovative Care for a Healthier You

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In-Home Mobile IV Service Areas

Sophelina Health proudly offers our exceptional In-Home Mobile IV services across multiple counties in North Carolina. We currently serve Forsyth County, Guilford County, Davidson County, Davie County, Stokes County, and Surry County. Our expert team ensures convenient, personalized IV therapy delivered right to your doorstep, tailored to meet your unique health needs in the comfort of your own home.

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Expanding our reach beyond physical boundaries, Sophelina Health’s Telemedicine services are available throughout the entire state of North Carolina. Embracing the power of technology, we provide accessible, high-quality medical care, consultations, and follow-ups online, allowing you to receive professional healthcare regardless of your location within the state.

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